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Who: Safe Place International is a holistic leadership development organization for displaced LGBTQIA+ individuals. Because the lived experiences of the LGBTQIA+ community are overlooked, we endeavor to create pathways to build a sustainable and fulfilled life that celebrates the uniqueness and authenticity. Our faith in our community members is why we can proudly say that we are a refugee-led, person of color-led, women-led, and youth-led organization! Join us to witness the human potential of the Safe Place International community!

Why: Safe Place International believes that the survival of humanity is dependent on how we love & care for the most vulnerable in the world. Displaced LGBTQIA+ persons are among the most vulnerable, as they face xenophobia for their migrant status & prejudice for their sexual orientation or gender identity. They are overlooked & underserved. Yet, their lived experiences led them to be more innovative, resilient, creative, and compassionate leaders. We aim to activate their untapped potential & create the world they deserve.