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The Greek island of Lesvos is often regarded as one of the frontlines of European immigration. In what has been dubbed as a “humanitarian crisis”, Lesvos began to experience men, women, and children arriving on its shores in their thousands from 2010 onwards: people fleeing war, persecution, and destruction in their home countries.

In response to this, Starfish Foundation was established. Coordinated by Melinda McRostie, the owner of the local restaurant Captain’s Table, the people of Molyvos worked together to provide immediate response to the refugees arriving on Lesvos: dry clothes, hot food, and a safe onward passage to the port of Mytilene to continue their journey.

In the years that followed, Melinda and the wider Starfish team of volunteers and long-term personnel have continued to provide practical support to refugees and local Greeks residing on Lesvos, adapting to situations as they arise, and working to build bridges between different communities on the island.

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